Did you know that our unique style of chiropractic care is customized to be highly effective with children? That's right! We don't wait until our patients hurt themselves and start seeking relief from the pain. Instead, our natural approach to helping you maintain your body has shown to provide TREMENDOUS benefits! When you add Lakeville Chiropractic to your family's care plan, you'll:

  • Sleep deeper and wake feeling more rested
  • Have an easier time controlling how you feel (mood, stress, bad behaviors)
  • Stay healthier and be less prone to colds, headaches, and other irritants that slow you down

How We Help Families

Dr. Griffin is ready to see you, your spouse, AND your children. We customize appointments so that we can see your entire family in a short period of time. This avoids the endless waiting around that make visits to other doctors such a hassle. When you schedule your family health visits, we'll be ready for you!

Office Hours

Mon: 8am - 7pm

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Fri: closed

Your first appointment is an important step in the right direction!

  • We will confirm all of the paperwork you provide before your appointment. If you were unable to complete the forms before arriving, we will have you finish them.

  • You will complete a short series of exams to establish a baseline for your health. We will repeat some of these tests throughout your care to track progress.

  • You will meet 1-on-1 with Dr. Griffin to answer your questions, discuss your recommended care plan, and identify important goals to reach along the way.

1. Complete our Quick Entry Forms

Save some time in the office by filling out our health history forms.

•Adult Care

•Pediatric Care

​Write out a list of questions you may have for Dr. Griffin, too.

2. Arrive a few minutes early

  • ​Your first session includes some important educational materials to help you fully understand our process
  • We will have you work through a short series of exams so that we have a baseline for your health

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