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"Welcome to Lakeville Chiropractic! We are thrilled to help you find the path to achieving YOUR personal health goals and moving closer to optimal health!"

-Dr. Michael Griffin


A note from Dr. Griffin

Each of the stories below is what I would consider to be a typical experience with my practice members. These are not cherry-picked to be the most amazing cases, nor are they the only ones with a good experience. When you trust me with your family's health, I want you to know that there are many others in Lakeville who have come before you and are thrilled with the relationship we have built. I look forward to adding YOU to my success stories very soon!

"If you live in pain just know you do not have to. Doc Mike has helped me recently, I ignored my knee pain and just thought it would go away because I was too busy chasing kids and what Mother has time to care for themselves! Come to find out my hips were way out of alignment, my ankle was out of the socket, I had constant pain across back and neck, which gave me a constant headache. After just one visit with him I started feeling relief. After 3 weeks going 2x a week I'm finally feeling back to my pain-free self. Please do not ignore your pain, your body is trying to tell you something."


Practice Member at Lakeville Chiropractic

"My 7 month old daughter is finally sleeping after just one visit! The office is very clean and doesn't feel like a doctors office. Also great for kids, toys in the waiting room. Chiropractor and office assistant are very nice helpful and informative also."


Practice Member at Lakeville Chiropractic

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